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Hi im Sarah, and am happily married to Paul now for over 12 years, I am a 30something year old and we have 2 gorgous children jojo 9 and billy 6 and some goldfish lol. we all live in Hampshire again, After moving back from cornwall a year ago. I am a support worker for special need adults and loving it greatly.


Sunday, 14 June 2009

I've been on ...................


Ok perhaps it wasn't soo much of a holiday, more like work but in a different place LOL.

We went to cornwall to take the residents on holiday, They had a good time which all that matters,We couldnt do much really cos it rained most days and as most things are outside we were pretty much stuck for ideas except for shopping!!!
Here's a pic of us all at Lands End, What started off as a horrible rainy day turned into a hot fab day, The nearer we got to lands end the better the weather so we made a great choice there!!!!!
Heres a pic of our chalet where we stayed for the week in Cornwall.


Spyder said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Not having a holiday this year as we've saving up to go to Seattle to see our daughter, who's having our first grandchild in September, but we have had a weekend away. The place we stayed looks a bit like yours...only wooden and it was on The Isle of Wight, (Bus mans holiday) and not in Cornwall!
you can see it here

Spyder said...

We have this picture! (I mean...with us in it..not you!!) Years ago me and hubby (boyfriend then)had Our photo take sitting on his chopper bike! We'd got separated from the others, who had my clothes strapped to their bikes, so I looked terrible wearing someones jacket,hubbies shirt,some elses jeans and my flipflops (on a bike! very not good, trust me) aw...those were the days...