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Hi im Sarah, and am happily married to Paul now for over 12 years, I am a 30something year old and we have 2 gorgous children jojo 9 and billy 6 and some goldfish lol. we all live in Hampshire again, After moving back from cornwall a year ago. I am a support worker for special need adults and loving it greatly.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What a mad week

Its been!!!!!

Last monday i was meant to start my new job!!!! Well i guess i didnt get there with all the snow.

I managed to get there on Tuesday and have worked all week, Have loved every minute of it,
I dont think i have laff'd soo much this last week the girls are a scream they are sooo funny, We all just laff about everything and anything.

I'm sooo glad the snow has finally gone well most of it anyway i couldn believe we've just had 2 solid days of rain and we still have some snow left, you'd have thought it would have washed it all away but no!!!

I have a few pics of cards i've made need to upload them to the comp and then i can show you.

I'm slowly on the count down for the "make it" show thats coming to our town!!!!! any one else coming?????? It should be a good one peeps say that last years was good too soo we shall see.

Will be back later with hopefully some pics to show you.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Weather update!!!!!!! Monday 2nd Feb

Its bad!!!!!!:(

Dont get me wrong i LOVE SNOW!!!!!, but not on my first day there!!!!!!

Pauls already left home to try and get to work i called cos they said one road near us was a no go and he said that he was coming home it was too bad out there, so at least i'll be able to try to get to work :(i'm not that far away and on major roads with no hills.

right best get going to finish off the kids porridge to keep them warm today.

It wont let me upload pics so will show you all later

Finally managed to upload the pics the first two are about 6 am this morning and the last one is about mid morning.

Not seen snow like this in years and tonight we're meant to have more and for it to freeze too,
I have had a go at clearing the joint driveway in hope it will give me half a chance tomorrow to get to work!!!! dout the neighbours will thank me thou.

I looked at the bottom of this post and it said i had posted this one on sunday 1st lol i know it was early when i started but not that early, Hopefully now i've edited it it will show as today i posted.

Hope everyone's having a great snowy day and will catch up with you all later

OMG I dont believe it!!!!!!!!!

The one thing i didnt need for my first day at work is for it to be snowing!!!!!!!!
We have one car and work in the total different direction from each other :( normally it wouldnt be a problem as paul would goto work on his motorbike BUT NOT TOMORROW!!!!!!!

I have arranged for a lift tomorrow, so am hoping my friend will be able to get out, he drives a van so it should be ok!!!! so all send good thoughts that either the snow melts or my lift arrives in the morning.

Here is a couple of pics i took about 9pm one is out the front of the house and the other as you can tell is the back garden.,
As i speak it is still snowing and getting thicker :(, I am also praying that the schools dont close, Not that the kids will mind lol as they will be gutted that they wont be able to make snowmen if they go!!!!!

Right i'll be back tomorrow with an update of my day on my first day at work, hopefully all will go to plan

night night