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Hi im Sarah, and am happily married to Paul now for over 12 years, I am a 30something year old and we have 2 gorgous children jojo 9 and billy 6 and some goldfish lol. we all live in Hampshire again, After moving back from cornwall a year ago. I am a support worker for special need adults and loving it greatly.


Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last day of the year!!!!!!!

  • Well i'm truely thankful that this year has finally come to an end!!!!! im not sorry its ended.
  • we have had sooooo much happened this year most of it good but some of it bad!!!!!
  • :(
  • I'm hoping this coming year will be better for everyone,
  • We are also hoping the little swine will rot in prison and get what he deserves!!!!!!
  • hopefully we will not be made to wait to long to find out either so the finally part of closure can be made!!!!!
  • What is everyone doing for tonight??? we will be staying in the warm, we're not mad anymore lol.
  • I have been surfing the www and have found a great site that i wish to share with you all, it has page layouts for cards and scrapbooking which i know of you are into so you may even know about it
  • www.pagemaps.com
  • I like this site as it has saved the maps so you can go back throu the years and find some thing you were looking for...
  • I wanted to get out in the garage this week to sort out the boxes but pauls feeling poorly and its way to cold, and i am not freezing myself hell no!!!!! im not mad!!!! perhaps the week-end will bring a bit warmer weather lol
  • I would like to say

Monday, 29 December 2008


  • Well yesterday we didnt get to B+Q!!!! Stayed at home most of the day, Billy had his best friend come to play they had fun and then when it was time to go home he decided to pull the curtain rain out of the wall!!!!why you ask???? i and he doesn't have a clue!!!!!!! OWWWW and i put my back out :( OMG it hurts, Went to my mums for tea all the kids together and it was loud but they had fun so thats all that matters, Came home and went to bed to rest my back!!!!!!!

    This morning it felt loads better and thought GREAT its better!!! till i got out of bed!!!!!!!, so today its a day to take it easy i think!!!!.

    Off to focus to get some wall plugs to mend the curtain rail back to the wall and spend my vouchers just in case they go bust aswell!!!

    I have some photos of some cards i made before Christmas so will get them up later to show.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

What shall we do today!!!!!!!!!

  • Well paul wants to goto B+Q to have a look at their xmas light sale!!!!!! I said that they wouldn't have any!!!!!, i feel that we could be buying lots of xmas lights and decorations that will stay in the xmas boxes like the rest ROFL

    So here we come B+Q!!!!!!!LOL it will be nice just to get out and have a wonder get some fresh air into our lungs.
  • We are off to my mums this afternoon to open the last of the pressies that santa has left, all of the family will be together it will be mad and stressful!!!!!!! but the kids will enjoy it again.... So will need the headache pills ready again!!!!!.

    I have got some pics of the kids opening their pressies Christmas afternoon

  • This is jojo opening some of her pressies in the 1st pic thats Scruffy and in the 2nd pic that Lady and she's never too far away from jojo.

  • This is billy opening his pressies the 2nd pic isnt tooo great cos he doesnt keep still lol, the outfit he's go on is a fleecey all in one sleepsuit of spiderman once he'd put it on he didnt want to get out of it lol.

    Right had better get the house moving if we're ever gonna get out today will come back later and tell you if and what we've brought ROFL.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas cards for an order

  • These Shoe Cards gave me a huge headache i used acateate on 2 of them and they would'nt play game and stick down nicely till i asked them which window they would like to leave by!!!!!

    This card i feel was by best yet i really enjoyed making this card the pic is a bit blurry but it really life its outta this world!!!!! must admit i did keep blowing my trumpet i didnt want to give it in the order lol,

  • I have been told that the people that recieved these cards were delighted so im happy and hopefully more return customers.

Back to normal and sale shopping!!!!!!!

  • Morning one and all,

    I do hope you all had a fab Christmas we certainly did!!!! Joanna and Billy got to many toys it has taken 2 day to open them all. They were good on Christmas day considering that jojo first woke at 12.45 am and came into our room with her stocking box and was all excited saying he's been he's been!!!! She got sent back to bed lol we had only been in bed 1/2 hour ourselves LOL, Billy was next he was up at 3-45am and all you heard from Billy was rip rip rip pitter patter dad dad look at this pitter patter rip rip he was too'ing and fro'ing giving us a running commentary on what he'd got lol.

    The day went smoothly, dinner was nice as usual had cooked far tooo much so the dogs had their Christmas dinner aswell LOL.
    I have some pictures will post them up soon as soon as i have them on the comp...

    I got Some Forever Friends sets 1 was a birthday set and the other 1 was a Christmas one, Have had a bit of a play with them and they stamp out great soo in the next day or too shall be playing more with them and making cards so watch this space.

    Decided this morning we was gonna hit the sales!!!!!!!!!! well we walked into game and the queue to pay was nearly out the door so turned around and told kids we're not stopping, we would have been in there well over an hour choosing a game and then paying !!!!NOT MY IDEA OF FUN!!!!!!!.

    Went into woolies as its our last day and brought a bratts annual for my friends daughters birthday and a T-pot cup for my aunt for next xmas so i can say i've offically start xmas shopping!!!!!!!!!LOL. walked out of woolies and got home and the realised i hadnt spent my woolies voucher :( every time i'd gone in i forgot to spend it luckly its only for a £1 otherwise i'd be spitting, lol.
    It was sad really cos our woolies didnt have anything left and there was kiddies in there trying to spend their vouchers, you'd have thought that once they had announced they were closing they would have stopped selling the vouchers, and peeps who had brought vouchers would have given them early so they could have been spent before it was too late!!!!!!.

    Well we're now back home in the warm and kids are playing and causing mischief, i have 2 huge piles of toys and clothes to put away while sorting out all the old stuff, Who's gonna help me??????

    I have a pile of photo's of cards i've made before xmas and some of xmas day so will try and get them on here later.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Exchanding of presants

  • Well today brings a busy day!!!, We all went off to a really good xmas fair and it was pants!!!!lol no money spent, which is good....

    I have a friend coming to visit this afternoon to exchange of presants to give to Santa.... I looked in the special place ;) but couldnt find all the presants :0, went to find the presant list in the secret hiding place and its gone!!!!! :( so now i dont know who's got what.

    So a few presants thrown across the room looking for said presants and not finding them i had to go throu what i had to spare and wrap them up and also found that i havent brought all the presants :( i think that a evil xmas fairy has been and pinched them without me knowing!!!! if you see this evil fairy please get my presants back!!

    Right best get back to the housework!!!! cos no-one else does it!!!!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Fight time

  • Well today saw me going to town just for a nosey mind!!!! stumbled across woolies having an upto 50% off sale, and boy i wished i'd never gone in!!!!! It was very nearly a fight for all, people were grabbing stuff like it was going out of fashion,

  • I got what i needed and didn't want!!!!!!!!! ROFL but a few more xmas pressie's done not that i need to get any more cos i didn't. LOL

  • I finished off printing out the second lot of Santa letters and got them posted off, hopefully the next few days some all ready excited children will be very happy that Santa's remembered them!!!.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

  • Well good evening one and all, Have had a bust day today as i have got more orders for santa letters!!!WOO HOO, So have been printing them out and making reindeer food ready for post office tomorrow.

  • This evening it was JoJo's carol service and school xmas fair so off we went to spend spend spend and we came home with some fab goodies mainly chocolate BUT WHO CARES??????.

  • Have been playing around with this blog and finally got it how i want it till the next time LOL nearly go to the point of throwing in the towel with it but got there in the end.

  • Tomorrow i must get my xmas order finished or it will be next year before the poor girl can give them out lol, will post pics of cards once done cos they are fab!!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Its my niece's birthday today, Lara is 6 today,and we are off to her house for a tea-party after school, I still have to make her card so will show you when its done!!!!!.

I tried to scan the card level but as you can see it didnt work!!!!!!

  • Jack Frost came to visit during the night and billy was excited bless him!!!! As he was going into class he was telling the teacher!!! like she couldn't see or feel it ROFL.

  • Well its the start of the busy time that Christmas brings, school fairs,carol concerts and school plays, before we know it we will be in the new year.

  • I have just a few more things to buy for the kids and i'm done!!! i have even brought the xmas meat so i am ready for the big day!!! well i think i am.

  • right i best get on and do this birthday to show you watch this space!!!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Here i have a birthday card i was asked to make i really enjoyed making this card, the cat is blue and purple, i have used her many times, the backing is yellow glitter card with little butterflys on it.


  • Well i don't know if i had this blog thing worked out right have been playing all evening and it don't look any different as to when i started!!!!!
  • I'm gonna try and get some pics up it may take me a while so go and grab and cuppa and a packet of nibbles to share while waiting!!!!!!! LOL

1st Post ever

Well what can i say!!!!!! Never thought i'd be here talking away to myself.... ok perhaps i did .
Having a blog never really interested me till i met my new friends, they they have bugged me and bugged me--- YES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!! Well they told me that if i didnt get myself a blog i couldnt be their friends no more :( yes it was harsh i know, but here i am doing my first ever blog.