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Hi im Sarah, and am happily married to Paul now for over 12 years, I am a 30something year old and we have 2 gorgous children jojo 9 and billy 6 and some goldfish lol. we all live in Hampshire again, After moving back from cornwall a year ago. I am a support worker for special need adults and loving it greatly.


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What an amazing.........

Blog i've found!!!!
This lady deb does some fablous cards and other bits, She is a talented lady and she has done this fab card.. Go and have a look at the link.


I e-mailed her about this card and asked if she had or was going todo a tutorial as i would like to cope the design, Deb e-mailed me back with in minutes of e-mailing giving me full instructions and that she was gonna do a tut for it but it would take a few days as she was busy.

Heres my pics of the card it was not quite finished when these was taken.
I am really pleased with the result and def will do it again.

I've tried to crop the pics so you can see different bits i hope this works and the pics are still great.

This is the box i made to put the slab of choc in

These flowers i did on my x-cut and i just chopped into the flowers to make them stand out abit more, Hope it looks ok

I do hope that you like my version of debs card and i would like to thank her once again for allowing me to copy her idea, so if you get a chance please hop back over to her blog and see what else she has been upto

Many thanks for looking

Monday, 25 May 2009

What a strange day.........

..... The weather cant seem to make up its mind.... It was very warm this morning and sunny then the sun went in and got very overcast, Then it rained for about all of 2 seconds,Then the sun came out again which was good cos we went to the Donkey Darby which was going on down the road from work, So we took a wonder for an hour and then came back and sat in the garden for about 1/2 hour after that it was way to hot.

Where was this thunder storm we were meant to be having this afternoon??? It got very muggy this evening and rain did come again for about wow 3 seconds this time not enough to clean the air :(.

We have been talking about ghost's at work, Which freak me out a bit every time cos the buggers take about it when I'm doing a sleep over and i end up not sleeping very well and on the sofa downstairs with who ever is working.

Well tonight one of the girls who lives in our house kept looking to one side, UN-nerved me a bit and i said to her "what can you see??" and she replied he's there on the chair!!! so i had my small bottle on holy water and i said to her shall i flick some of this water onto him??? which i did and she said thanks he's now gone!!!!!

Now i ain't religious but i never do a night shift without it keeps me feeling safe!!! they started to take the Mickey and asked if i had my crucifix and i said no cos it was in a box somewhere :( otherwise I'd have had that with me too LOL.

I can proberly say this is the one thing i DON'T like about my great job!! its the sleep overs, This month I've done 3, Next month i don't have any thank god!!!!!

Right i suppose i had better get my head down on the sofa in the sitting room cos i ain't sleeping upstairs NO WAY, and that's thanks to Steve starting the convo the bugger LOL

night night one and all, talk again soon

OWW and wish me luck!!!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ok about this.......


I went back to the circus today cos i thought Jojo and Billy would like it and they did!!!!

IT was different to when i went on friday which was good!!!, Billys face, the first half was a picture shame we wasnt allowed to take pics, he just couldnt believe what he was seeing!!!! LOL

I made myself watch the swinging bit!!! Not soooo bad!!!! I survived like you do, It was good, My heart was pounding but i got throu it, LOL so perhaps its not quite a phobia.. But still very scary. Perhaps its just all in my little mind... What ya think??????

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Went to the circus!!!!

We went to the circus yesterday with work, I hadnt been to the circus for years, was really looking forward to it for the whole week!!!!.

We all sat the nicely waitinf for the show to start, Laughing and joking together and then i looked up, Yep thats right i looked up and saw the SWINGS!!!!!

I have got a phobia about swings, It started after jojo was born and got even worse after i had Billy.
Cant even bear to watch the kids on the swings that are moving slightly, So there i am in the big top,awaiting for the show to start My hearts starting to pound, Palms sweating, Breathing deep trying to calm my nerves.

Then the show started, It was the neatherland's circus they were very good!!! Couldnt tell you what the acrobats were like!!! Cos i had my eyes closed couldn't cope.LOL

Does anyone have any phobias????

Thursday, 14 May 2009

How do you.....

.....All get yopur pics looking soo fab?????

I look at all of yours and they look fab and then i look at mine and they look shite!!!!!
What am i doing wrong?????

Hopefully someone will be able to help me get it right.

I've been playing............

..... With my blog again!!!!

What do you all think??? do you like it??? does it work better than before???

will be back later to have another look at this and see if i can do any more changes

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Here's some cards

I've made while being away from blogland!!!!!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Oh My God!!!!

I cant believe i haven't been in since 10th of Feb!!!!.

I do hope you all forgive me greatly, as i have had my life turned upside down, My feet haven't touched the ground since I've started work, and boy am i enjoying myself..

I have met some great people, who have helped me laugh again, I look forward to going to work every day and am almost bored when I'm away, We have such a scream all day and that's thanks to my new friends Steve and Julie!!,

I have also found Face book which has totally taken over too :( its too addictive someone please kick me off, if you see me there LOL, Do you think they have a group like AA??? If so please send me the link as i think i should join!!!!

I haven't been able to do much crafting as i would have like, which is a shame, but the summer is coming so hopefully a lot of it will be spent outside.

I have just had my 34th Birthday last week- Yes i know I'm now getting old :( I'm on the slippery slope downwards to 40:(, I got some great pressies a very nice white gold diamond ring from hubby and some perfume off the kids and some money so the was spent at the local craft shop which i must add is closing down:( (will be greatly missed) so everything is half price so i grabbed lots of goodies and bargains.

The sun is shining today, so need to make the most of it and get outside to do what i don't know cos in my back garden all i have is grass so no gardening needs to be done LOL, i could read a book i suppose while I'm awaiting for the washing machine to finish OH JOY!!!

I have got myself into the new daisy and dandelion stamps, WOW they are gorg!!! I've never been one to have a collection of one stamp range until now!!!!, I have the whole of the first set and got 2 of the new range hopefully i can get the other two lots soon oww and the creativity mag they have a Xmas stamp so must remember to get that one too, I think everyone could be having a Christmas daisy card this year LOL.

I have put up a link to their great site so please go and see if you haven't seen them before.

Right i must get going as i need to go blog hopping as i have missed you all SO much and will try to get back often to tell you all about whats going on with my life