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Hi im Sarah, and am happily married to Paul now for over 12 years, I am a 30something year old and we have 2 gorgous children jojo 9 and billy 6 and some goldfish lol. we all live in Hampshire again, After moving back from cornwall a year ago. I am a support worker for special need adults and loving it greatly.


Sunday, 28 December 2008

What shall we do today!!!!!!!!!

  • Well paul wants to goto B+Q to have a look at their xmas light sale!!!!!! I said that they wouldn't have any!!!!!, i feel that we could be buying lots of xmas lights and decorations that will stay in the xmas boxes like the rest ROFL

    So here we come B+Q!!!!!!!LOL it will be nice just to get out and have a wonder get some fresh air into our lungs.
  • We are off to my mums this afternoon to open the last of the pressies that santa has left, all of the family will be together it will be mad and stressful!!!!!!! but the kids will enjoy it again.... So will need the headache pills ready again!!!!!.

    I have got some pics of the kids opening their pressies Christmas afternoon

  • This is jojo opening some of her pressies in the 1st pic thats Scruffy and in the 2nd pic that Lady and she's never too far away from jojo.

  • This is billy opening his pressies the 2nd pic isnt tooo great cos he doesnt keep still lol, the outfit he's go on is a fleecey all in one sleepsuit of spiderman once he'd put it on he didnt want to get out of it lol.

    Right had better get the house moving if we're ever gonna get out today will come back later and tell you if and what we've brought ROFL.


sarah said...

awwwwww bless them

sarah x

Hammersue1 said...

Very nice blog u had good time. xx

Dianne said...

love the pics Sarah - looks like fun!!

Crafting Joanne said...

Looks like all had fun. Joanne x