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Hi im Sarah, and am happily married to Paul now for over 12 years, I am a 30something year old and we have 2 gorgous children jojo 9 and billy 6 and some goldfish lol. we all live in Hampshire again, After moving back from cornwall a year ago. I am a support worker for special need adults and loving it greatly.


Monday, 29 December 2008


  • Well yesterday we didnt get to B+Q!!!! Stayed at home most of the day, Billy had his best friend come to play they had fun and then when it was time to go home he decided to pull the curtain rain out of the wall!!!!why you ask???? i and he doesn't have a clue!!!!!!! OWWWW and i put my back out :( OMG it hurts, Went to my mums for tea all the kids together and it was loud but they had fun so thats all that matters, Came home and went to bed to rest my back!!!!!!!

    This morning it felt loads better and thought GREAT its better!!! till i got out of bed!!!!!!!, so today its a day to take it easy i think!!!!.

    Off to focus to get some wall plugs to mend the curtain rail back to the wall and spend my vouchers just in case they go bust aswell!!!

    I have some photos of some cards i made before Christmas so will get them up later to show.

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Dianne said...

Ouch is right Sarah - hope your back gets better soon. Take it easy